Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This is Cricket.  She is a Jack Russell Terrier (or TERROR) and I just adopted her on Canadian Thanksgiving.  She is a great for a snuggle and she fits into our furry family quite nicely -except for when she doesn't, but that is another story.

I wanted to make Cricket something really cool to wear and I ended up making her a collar from and old necktie.  My friends encouraged me to make some more and I am, getting ready to go to the local market on Sunday to sell my wares.

I have sold one, and then another on a whim when I showed them to the girls at the vet, a customer saw one and said "I gotta have that!".

I am so excited.  I made a Facebook page a few weeks ago and people I don't know are sharing my page!  Today I made an Etsy Store, and ordered a bunch of collar-making hardware -ONLINE!!!  Did I say I was excited?

I have acquired many ties as of late, and this is turning into a very fun project.  Some of the money raised will go to the Nova Scotia Labrador Rescue, which is a local animal rescue in my area.

If you want, you can see my Facebook page called Sophie's Fancy Upcycled Pet Apparel or you can see the stuff on Etsy at

By the way, Sophie was my Chocolate Labrador Retriever who has gone off to the Rainbow Bridge, she is here below.  I miss her so....  Below that are my other dogs now, Orca and Angus.  Orca is a 3 year old Black Labrador Mix, and Angus is a Sharpei Japanese Akita (?) Mix.  he is 11.  See how he has only three legs?  Aaaand, he is always ahead of the younger Orca in any race :)

I have some cats too.  I'll show you later, whomever you are.




Orca & Angus